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Butter aficionados rejoice! The realm of quality butter is vast and diverse, with various brands across the globe garnering accolades and consumer loyalty. Renowned names like Isigny Ste Mere.

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Milk collected locally, within a 35 km area around Isigny-sur-Mer (175 municipalities) Butter made according to a traditional production process in the designation area. Preserved know-how, with the cream slowly matured for 16 to 18 hours using traditional methods. A butter with a natural ivory to "buttercup" yellow colour and a hazelnut.

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Felieats review is spot-on; this butter is creamy, luscious, and rich. Taste-wise, I'd also add how well the salt flakes balance out the sweet cream of the milk. It's pure decadence — the most amazing piece of buttered bread I've ever had (so far). Find it in stores: Isigny Ste Mère Beurre d'Isigny, $6.99 for 8.8 ounces at Whole Foods.

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Beurre and crème d'isigny : ambassadors of Norman excellence. Isigny Butter and Cream are iconic dairy products of the Norman terroir. Holding Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status since 1986. (when the PDO was created), these products are made using exceptional quality milk thanks to the fertile pastures in which the cows graze.

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Our PDO Isigny Butter must therefore be produced within a precisely defined geographical area of 175 municipalities around Isigny-sur-Mer. Producers undertake to supply and guarantee premium quality milk, and PDO Isigny Butter is packaged to weigh no more than 10 kg, with the compulsory indication of the designation of origin..


Beurre d'Isigny is a butter made from pasteurized milk and cream in the Veys Bay and surrounding valleys in France. No additional colorings, creams or substances can be added to the product. The butter is golden yellow in color due to the high amounts of carotenoids in it. The Veys Bay and the surrounding area are made of chalky, clay soil near.

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Beurre d'Isigny is a type of cow's milk butter made in the Veys Bay area and the valleys of the rivers running into it, comprising several French communes surrounding Isigny-sur-Mer and straddling the Manche and Calvados departments of northern France. The butter has a natural golden colour as a result of high levels of carotenoids. [1] The.

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Beurre D'Isigny went viral on TikTok since it's made with the best creams of Isigny, matured 16-18 hours & famous for its golden color—here's our review of this fancy French butter.

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A: The dimension of 1 sheet is 11.8inch x 7.6inch x 0.787inch. The butter has a fat content of 82%. These are the nutritional values for 1 tbsp (14g): 105 kcal, 105 calories from fat, 12 g total fat (of which 8g saturated fat and 1g trans. fat), 30 mg cholesterol, 0g sodium, 0g carbohydrate, 0g dietary fiber, 0g sugar and 0g protein.

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Cabot Creamery's Extra Creamy Sea Salted Butter was just named the "Best of Class" amongst all salted butters. This butter is made with 83% butterfat and is considered a "premium" butter in Cabot's line. However, even with the "premium" name, Cabot's Extra Creamy Butter only costs $3.99 for eight ounces.

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Isigny Sainte-Mere is a French dairy co-op with a long and prestigious tradition of butter-making, with a privileged location near the sea. There cows graze on lush grasses that are rich in mineral salts and trace elements, producing milk that's complex and unmistakable. Their Beurre D'Isigny is available in salted versions, ideal for spreading.

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Isigny Ste Mere's Churned Butter made from best milk from Normandy, known for richness in cream, protein and vitamins. Only Isigny's best creams are selected to be churned into AOP Butter, allowing to traditional slow maturation of at least 16 to 18 hours. Famous for its golden buttercup color and its distinctive flavor notes of hazelnut and milk.

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The PDO Isigny butter is made from PDO Isigny cream. PDO Isigny butter is 100 % natural, containing at least 82 % fat for soft butter and 80% fat for half-salted butter, along with water, proteins and mineral salts. Just like the cream with which it is made, it contains no colouring preservatives or artificial flavouring.

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ENJOYING OUR BUTTER TAKES SECONDS. Our terroir would be nothing without the know-how of the milk producers and all the Cooperative's employees, who help to preserve the unique skills that have, in some cases, been passed down through several generations.. Caramels d'isigny. Caramel is a timeless confectionery, requiring top-quality.

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Beurre d'Isigny Butter Extra-Fin, Unsalted From Isigny Ste Mere comes this remarkably delicious butter, produced since the 16th Century. The soil of Isigny is soft and damp, and the cows there thrive on grass that is rich with iodine and beta-carotene. The appealing yellow butter has hints of hazelnut flavors, a flexible, fine and elastic.

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