5 Fascinating Facts About Making Tequila That I Learned At The Patron

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Blanco tequila possesses a full agave flavor profile that makes it perfect for a delicious margarita. Blanco or silver tequila is clear that will go unnoticed in the display of your beautiful mixed drinks. For example, a tequila sunrise would be bright orange with a red tint from orange juice and grenadine with Blanco tequila. Reposado would.

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Espolon (~$21 for 750 mL) Herradura (~$29 for 750 mL) José Cuervo (~$21 for 1 L) Leyenda del Milagro Silver (~$27 for 750 mL) Maestro Dobel Diamond — I guess this is technically a reposado, but it's filtered to remove color, so we tested it anyway (~$28 for 750 mL) Patron (~$53 for 750 mL) Sauza (~$10 for 750 mL)

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Step 1 Place salt on small shallow plate. Rub rims of 2 rocks or margarita glasses with lime wedge, then dip into salt to coat. Step 2 Divide tequila, triple sec, and lime juice between prepared.

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Margarita with Fresh Lime Juice and Blanco Tequila. Nothing says Happy Hour like an ice cold, lime-drenched Mexican margarita.The signature cocktail at Mexican restaurants, Cinco de Mayo celebrations and Taco Tuesdays, one sip and you'll be whisked away to a Mexican beach with warm breezes and crashing waves. And best of all, this refreshing experience is only five minutes away!

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A distinctive grassiness with fresh lemon zest and mint mingle with rich agave and drying sea salt characters. Alc 40%. Blanco is the lightest style of tequila. It's used to make classic cocktails such as the Margarita and Paloma. Decanter recommends 12 bottles to try.

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Rub rim of a rocks glass with lime (reserve for serving); dip the rim in plate of salt. Fill with ice and set aside. Combine tequila, lime juice, cointreau and bitters in a cocktail shaker. Fill shaker with ice, cover, and shake vigorously until outside of shaker is very cold, about 20 seconds.

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While blanco, minimally or unaged tequila, is traditionally the bottle of choice for a Margarita, aged expressions such as reposado can be employed as well, and sometimes a high-proof offering is the key to a killer cocktail. After consulting experts, we've concluded that the Roca Patrón Silver is the best overall option for your margarita needs.

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Smooth and clean, Patrón's tequilas are some of the best quality-to-price spirits in this category. Patrón Silver is produced from hand-picked blue agave and is distilled in copper-lined stills. The resulting tequila is nuanced, aromatic, and loaded with flavors of pineapple, yellow stone fruit and vanilla.

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7. 1800 Tequila Blanco. Credit: 1800. Overview. Distiller: 1800. ABV: 40% (80 Proof) Country: Mexico. Colour: Clear. Review. 1800 Tequila Blanco is a classic unaged tequila that offers Blue Webber agave that's double distilled to ensure the ultimate in tequila Blanco crispness.

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First, it's important to know the different styles: Blanco, joven, reposado, añejo and extra añejo. And of course, there's tequila's smokier cousin, mezcal. Blanco is the most agave-forward tequila and the best for margarita recipes, palomas and other tequila cocktails. Reposado is also great for margaritas, thanks to its smoother taste.

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There's blanco tequila (sometimes called plata or silver tequila), which isn't aged; reposado tequila, which sits in a barrel for 2-11 months; and añejo tequila, which is aged for 1-3.

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1.5 oz. Don Julio Blanco. 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice. 0.5 oz. Agave Nectar. garnish. The zest of 1 lime and sea salt purposefully dusted

5 Fascinating Facts About Making Tequila That I Learned At The Patron

Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with 4 ice cubes and shake until cold. Strain the margarita into the glass with the salted rim. Fill the glass with ice and serve. For a margarita pitcher (8 servings): Place 1 ½ cups tequila, 1 cup Cointreau or Triple Sec, and ¾ cup lime juice in a pitcher.

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1. Best Overall: El Tesoro Blanco Tequila. Buy on Drizly. Buy on Total Wine. El Tesoro Blanco Tequila is a delicious and mouthwatering tequila perfect for making margaritas. The tequila is produced by La Alteña Distillery, owned by a community of artisans committed to making exceptional tequila.

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Combine 1 part sugar and 1 part hot water. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Let cool. This cocktail recipe is sponsored by Don Julio. Made with Don Julio Blanco, lime juice, and sweetened with agave.

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Preparation. Step 1. Combine Cointreau, tequila, and lime juice in a shaker and add ice. Step 2. Shake and strain into a salt-rimmed rocks glass. Step 3

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