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(PDF) Efficient induction of apospory and apogamy in vitro in silver

Etude du fonctionnement des zones organogènes du gamétophyte du Gymnogramme calomelanos L. (Pteridophytes, Filicinées) - ScienceDirect. Article preview. Abstract. Flora. Volume 167, Issues 3-4, 1978, Pages 315-328.

Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link, 1833Voir la taxonomie

Pityrogramma calomelanos, a plant used in traditionalmedicine as an astringent, analgesic, anti-hemorrhagic, pectoral depurative, emmenagogue, anti-hypertensive, anti-pyretic and an anti-tussive was tested for antiepimastigote activity in vitro.

Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link, 1833Voir la taxonomie

PLANT DIVERSITY-II (PTERIDOPHYTES, GYMNOSPERMS AND PALEOBOTANY) UNIT I: PTERIDOPHYTES General characters, Reimer's classification (1954). Telome concept. Sporangium development - Eusporangiate type and Leptosporangiate type. Apogamy, Apospory, Heterospory and Seed habit. Detailed account on stellar evolution. UNIT II:

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The Cu content of the fronds analysed at 5-days interval showed that P. calomelanos exposed to Cu levels of up to 1000 mg L-1 were able to maintain normal levels of Cu within their fronds.

Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link 粉葉蕨(2701087)

Pteridophytes (ferns) are rich source of secondary metabolites which are well known for their pesticidal activity (Xavier et al., 2016). Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) is a silverback fern, reported with alkaloids, steroids, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids and phenolic compounds (Princy et al., 2022a). These secondary

Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link 粉葉蕨(2701899)

Gymnogramma calomelanos. 60 Images see all. Filed as Acrostichum calomelanos L. [family PTERIDACEAE] Filed as Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link [family PTERIDACEAE] Filed as Pityrogramma [family ADIANTACEAE] Type of Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link var. buchtienii Domin [family PTERIDACEAE]

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It is a rhizomatous geophyte or lithophyte and grows primarily in the subtropical biome. It is used to treat unspecified medicinal disorders, as a poison and a medicine and has environmental uses and social uses. Taxonomy. Images. General information. Descriptions. Uses. Common Names. Descriptions. According to Useful Plants and Fungi of Colombia.

(PDF) Spore morphology of Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link (Pteridaceae)

Etude du fonctionnement des zones organogènes du gamétophyte du Gymnogramme calomelanos L. (Pteridophytes, Filicinées) Studies on the Functioning of the Apical Regions in the Gametophyte of a Fern: the Gymnogramme calomelanos L. Dr. Michèle Faivre-Baron. Add to Mendeley. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0367-2530 (17)31123-4 Get rights and content. Summary

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Important phytochemicals such as tannins and phenols have been extracted from P. calomelanos. The plant extracts also display antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It is an environmentally.

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Sporangia is placed along the veins and freely throughout the lower surface of fronds. Etymology. Genus Pityrogramma is derived from the Greek word "pitura-gramma" and refers to the lower surface of the fronds becoming obscured by rod-like secretions.

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Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link Plants of the World Online Kew

Botanical name. Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link. Link to Australian Plant Name Index for publication details and synonyms: https://id.biodiversity.org.au/name/apni/101958. Common name: Silver Fern, Golden Fern. Description. Fronds ±erect, dark green, glossy. Stipe 10-50 cm long, with 2 or 4 vascular bundles.

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Plants with a regular alternation between larger asexual sporophytes and mostly inconspicuous, sexual gametophytes, mostly free-living but retained within sporocarps of heterosporous ferns or.

Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link [Species] Images

BY C. W. WARDLAW. Department of Botany, University of Manchester. INTRODUCTION. Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) Link, assigned by Holttum (1954) to the family Adian- taceae, is considered to be of American origin but is now virtually pan-tropical in its distribution.

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Etude du fonctionnement des zones organogènes du gamétophyte du Gymnogramme calomelanos L. (Pteridophytes, Filicinées) M. Faivre-Baron. Published1978. Biology. Flora. View via Publisher. Save to Library. Create Alert. Cite. 4 Citations. Citation Type. More Filters.