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The Gfci Requirements For An Outdoor Hot Tub

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If you choose to install your hot tub outdoors, the ground-fault circuit interrupter requirements which need to be followed are:

  • You must have at a minimum, one convenience receptacle that is located between 6 to 10 feet from the inside wall of the hot tub.
  • This receptacle must be GFCI protected.
  • Liquid-tight flexible metal or nonmetallic conduit is permitted if a receptacle is less than 6 feet away.
  • The outdoor hot tub can be cord and plug connected as long as the receptacle is GFCI protected in addition to being less than 15 feet in length.
  • Any outdoor receptacles that are exposed to the elements must have a waterproof covering.

It is also important to remember that electrical codes and standards can be updated from time to time. Make sure that you have reviewed the current guidelines to ensure that you are following the correct recommendations.

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Where Can I Find Replacement Components Or Gfcis

Your local hardware store will likely have replacement GFCIs and components for sale, or you can order them online. If youre not certain which model or configuration to purchase, talk to a repair professional or licensed electrician. The best way to find components for your hot tub is often by visiting the dealer who sold it to you. They will have advanced knowledge of your specific model and will either have parts in stock, or will be able to order them for you. Theyll also have experience diagnosing and repairing similar problems and may be able to offer repair services or advice.

A GFCI circuit breaker that trips constantly is at best a nuisance, and could be an indication of a potentially hazardous situation with your hot tub. Armed with a little knowledge, you should be able to diagnose the problem with your GFCI and find a way to fix it, either by repairing it yourself or by calling upon the knowledge and services of your hot tub dealer or a licensed electrician. A tripped GFCI can be frustrating, but it doesnt have to get in the way of your enjoyment of your hot tub.

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What Size Gfci Do Hot Tubs Need

Plug and play hot tubs using 120 V circuits require a 20 amp GFCI breaker or receptacle. For 230 or 240 V tubs and spas, the GFCI breaker size should be 40 to 60 amp in most cases.

The exact current rating needed for the GFCI will depend on the electrical requirements of your hot tubs heater and motors. Consult a qualified electrician for advice.

If Your Gfci Breaker Nuisance Trips Check The Following:

Gfci Breaker For Hot Tub - (1)

– Look for moisture in the control box and repair the problem causing the moisture.

– Look for corrosion on all contacts and replace if needed.

– Look for overheated wire connections and repair if necessary.

– Tug at all electrical connections to check for loose spade connections or poor crimp connections.

– Ensure the GFCI breaker mounting tags are secure.

– Run your spa with all options on for 15 minutes. Shut off the power and feel for warm components, including the GFCI. Replace any hot items.

– Inspect the heater element and replace if it is corroded or has imperfections. The element is a common cause for tripping the breaker because the shielding value can change as the element heats and expands.

– If you have been unable to locate the problem, start disconnecting components one at a time , running the hot tub and seeing if it still trips. Use the process of elimination to figure out what component needs to be replaced.

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What Is A Gfci For A Hot Tub

A GFCI circuit breaker or ground-fault circuit interrupter is an electrical protection device that turns off the power should a fault in the electrical circuit occur.

The GFCI monitors the amount of current going to the ground and if it detects a current imbalance it will cut off the power. Situations such as water splashing on an electrical component, a fault with a motor, and a person touching a live line can all cause a GFCI to trip.

Essentially, the GFCI is designed to turn off the power very quickly to prevent fatal electrocution. A current of 30 mA is enough to cause heart fibrillation, which can lead to cardiac arrest. A GFCI in a hot tub will switch the power off when the current is between 4 and 6 mA to prevent serious injury or death.

Convenience Receptacles & Gfci Protection

GFCI protection is required for receptacles and convenience receptacles if:

  • The receptacle is on a 125V circuit
  • Is 15 or 20 amp
  • Located less than 20 ft from the inside walls of the hot tub

This means all main electrical outlets must be GFCI protected. Outlets must also be a minimum of 6 ft from the inside walls of the hot tub or spa.

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Does The Wire Need To Be Buried

If you have a permanently mounted large hot tub free standing in your backyard. You will want to bury the cable for ascetic purposes.

Check with your local electrician to find out the code rules and regulations on burying the cable.

If the hot tub sets on a deck attached to the house then no. You can run the proper approved damp location cable under the deck to save from digging the yard up.

Did I Cover All You Wanted To Know About Whether Your Hot Tub Needs A Gfci Breaker

How to reset the GFCI breaker for your hot tub.

A GFCI is also known as a ground-fault circuit interrupter. A GFCI will automatically cut the power if a ground fault occurs. GFCIs are required for all hot tubs.

According to the National Electric Code, any outlet that supplies power to a hot tub is required by law to have a GFCI breaker. This includes plug-in hot tubs too.

The 220-volt hot tub usually requires a 50-60 AMP breaker. Always consult professional electricians both before and after wiring your hot tub.

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Do I Need A Gfci Outlet For The Hot Tub

Yes, it is highly recommended to use a GFCI outlet for a hot tub. Many people recommend using 120 volts outdoor GFCI outlets to use for the hot tubs.

It is also advised to have the outlet placed 10 to 15 feet away from the hot tub to ensure the safe operation of the appliances. Wiring and outlets are the most important parts of installing a hot tub.

In addition to that, the wiring will ensure maximum safety for the hot tub and the power supply. Generally, you need to be careful about the outlet as well.

These are some important components that have high importance when it comes to safety. Due to overload or short circuits of power supply, the wires can get overheated. As a result, there is a chance that the wire might get melted and cause a fire.

That is why you need to use high-quality electrical components for the hot tub to operate accurately.

How Do You Hook Up A Gfci To A Hot Tub

Cut power to the house, mount a disconnect box at least 5 feet from the hot tub, bury flex conduit in the ground from the box to the hot tub. Run conduit from the box to the main breaker panel & pull wires from the hot tub to the disconnect box & from the box to the main breaker panel. Connect wires & restore power.

But thats just a quick overview, so in a second, well review this step by step.

Like all electrical projects, you are required to follow local codes and consult an electrician before you begin to wire a hot tub disconnect. You must also have the wiring inspected before using the hot tub.

Electricity and water are a dangerous combination, so do not fill the hot tub until it is wired and inspected.

Most electrical codes require hot tubs to be at least 10 feet from overhead power lines. While you can wire your own hot tub, it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional to do it.

However, here are the basic steps involved:

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What Size Breaker Do I Need For A 220v Hot Tub

A 220-volt hot tub requires a 50 AMP breaker. This is typically located in a disconnect box located at least 5 feet from the hot tub but within eyesight. The disconnect box is then, in turn, wired to the main breaker panel.

Hot tubs operate on a 220v-240v GFCI protected circuit.

There are exceptions that require as much as 80, 90, or even 100 AMP breaker circuits. This is only if the hot tub has multiple heaters, pumps, controls, etc.

A 50 amp capacity should be sufficient for the majority of hot tubs. However, the higher amperage capacity can be useful to people in colder climates, or those who have large tubs.

Always ensure that you are complying with the National Electric Code, in addition to any local or state electrical codes. Additionally, always consult a licensed electrician, as well as your hot tub manufacturer and owners manual.

Believe it or not, but 220v hot tubs use a lot less electricity than 110v.

Want to project how much your electric bill will go up each month adding a hot tub? To see how much electricity a hot tub uses per month, read this recent article.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Relocation of an existing 50 Amp Hot Tub / Spa Disconnect with GFCI Double-pole breaker encased in 1-inch Car-Flex waterproof Conduit to the Spa Control Board in Douglassville PA! NEC Code requires a 5 Foot clearance between the hot tub / spa and the disconnect.

Hughes Electrical Innovative Current Specialists

What Is A Gfci Circuit Breaker

Gfci Breaker For Hot Tub - (2)

A GFCIa Ground Fault Circuit Interrupteris a device used to protect your hot tub from unusual fluctuations or deviations in your power supply. Ground faults and short circuits occur when electricity takes a path the designers of the circuit didnt intend. When a GFCI detects an anomaly in the electrical supply, such as a ground fault or a short circuit, it interrupts the circuit and cuts off all electricity to your spa. When this interruption occurs, its often referred to as tripping the GFCI.

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Gfci Connection For An Outdoor Hot Tub

When installing a GFCI for an outdoor hot tub,

  • You need to have at least one convenience receptacle located on the inside wall of the hot tub. The convenience receptacle has to be located between 6 to 10 feet from the inside wall.
  • The receptacle has to be GFCI protected.
  • You can use a non-metallic conduit or a flexible liquid-tight metal provided the receptacle is not up to 6 feet away from the hot tub.
  • The outdoor receptacle should be weatherproof if exposed to the elements. This can be a plastic shell.
  • You can use a plug or cord connected hot tub if the receptacle is GFCI protected and is or less than 15 feet in length.

It is always advised to contact a local electrician for help when you want to set-up a GFCI with your hot tub.

This is because codes and requirements may differ where you reside and the electrician will be able to make suggestions and help you out.

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Moisture Within Your Breaker Box

Moisture could be seeping into your hot tub breaker box due to splashing, condensation, rain, or flooding. If so, when the GFCI trips, it is doing its job of keeping you safe from the dangerous mixture of moisture and electricity.

To investigate, turn off the main electrical supply next, inspect the interior of the breaker box. Try drying any visible moisture with an absorbent cloth, then run a fan, blow dryer, or dehumidifier near the breaker box to dry it more thoroughly. Replace the rubber seal.

Once the breaker has been well dried, there ought to be no further trips. If there are, it could be a signal that you should put up a splash barrier, move the breaker box farther away from your hot tub, or replace the box altogether.

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Choosing The Proper Gfci Breaker Size For A Hot Tub

Before installing a hot tub in your house, you need to ensure the proper GFCI circuit installation. If you have a standard-sized round or square hot tub that can fit up to four or five-person at a time, the power supply should be around 120 volts. A 15-amp GFCI breaker is enough to accommodate a 120-volt hot tub.

You can easily plug the tub into a GFCI protected outlet on the side of your house. They are pretty common to find and cost not a whole lot.

If youre looking forward to getting a larger-sized hot tub that can fit up to 10 persons, they usually come in a 220-volt power configuration. For these cases, a 50 to 60-ampere breaker circuit is enough to provide enough protection.

If youre adding multiple heaters, pumps, or temperature controls to your tub, you might want to increase the amperage to 80 or even 90 amperes. However, for most of the tubs, a 50-ampere breaker will be more than enough.

The power that the breaker consumes is very minimum, and you wont be getting more than $20 over the current bill youre already getting. However, cheap hot tubs might need more time for heating and lose temperature within a few hours. So, it would be best if you considered the time too while getting a GFCI breaker.

Dave’s Guide To Home Electrical Wiring:

GFCI Breaker Tripping New Wire Up Hot Tub How To Repair The Spa Guy

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Be Careful and Be Safe – Never Work on Energized Circuits!Consult your Local Building Department about Permits and Inspections for all Electric Wiring Projects.

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Wire The Disconnect To The Main Panel

The sixth step is to wire the disconnect box to your main breaker box. Attach the wires that lead to the disconnect. Attach the red, white, and black wires to the bottom of the GFCI breaker. Then attach the green grounding wire to the ground bar.

Attach the wires from the breaker panel. Then attach the black and red wires to the breaker feed lugs on top of the breaker. Ensure you attach the white wire to the line neutral bar. Then attach the green grounding wire to the ground bar.

Be sure to follow your spa panel and spa instructions when wiring the panel.

Wiring To The Maximum Amperage Requirement Pays Off And Is Usually The Way To Go For Most

If you plan to expand your tub or want the full package from the get-go, then you should consider wiring to the highest capacity. This way, youll always be sure that the tub will heat optimally while running all its pumps. I always take this route with the thought that Ill only make things more complicated than it has to be otherwise.

Its also standard procedure among professional electricians to allow upsizing as long as the calculated load is less than the wires rating. All in all, you dont have to worry too much about the tub pulling too many amps.

However, to be safe, the best thing you can do to confirm this once and for all is to ask your local electrical inspector. Chances are, he or she will point you toward the manual as well.

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